Seeking for a loan?

How To Borrow

Business Loan From Bank

in Malaysia?

Discover This 2020 NEW Solution So You Can Finally Say

“No, Thank You.” To The BLOODSUCKING Loan Shark!

Even If You Have Poor Credit Score, Poor Financial,
Lack of Documents...

I don’t know about you.


I don’t know why you are looking for loans.


Maybe your customers delayed your payment, so you’re struggling with the cash flows. You need more capital to support your business working capital.


Maybe you’re looking to scale your business, but you don’t have enough money.


Maybe you’re looking to invest a new business opportunity or even start a business. 


But unfortunately, the banks are strict. It’s not easy for you to get the loan approved. Or even if it is approved, it could be far below your budget. 

“The banks are useless! They only lend to rich people. They are the first ones to reject you when you’re in need! They don’t care about you!” You yelled in your heart.

But you may not know, you probably are just one step away to get the bank loan approved. If you do it the right way, getting bank loans approved is as easy as flipping your finger. 


And that’s what we can help.




If you need quick and instant cash within 1 week, I’m sorry… we can’t help you...


Borrowing bank loans need time. 


Frankly, the fastest we can do is 2 weeks. And it’s subject to your situation.


But if you have time, or you’re looking for consistent finance with lower interest, then we can help. How low is it? 


I cannot tell the exact interest rate. It’s subject to the bank. But it’s ranging from 5% - 18% per annum. And It’s significantly lower than the loan shark for sure! 


Anyway, we usually work as a partner with our clients. When they need finance, they call us, they tell us how much they need, we get it all done. 


I’m pretty sure you understand why borrowing from the bank is so much better than from loan shark. 


So I’m not going to explain this topic. I’m not convenient to do so as well.


Just let me show you what we did for our clients:

Why Do Customers Find Us?

  • Hassle-free.

Your time is precious. It deserves a better use. Isn't it draining to meet 2 - 3 times with 10 different bankers and try to apply to 10 different banks just for the ‘NO’ answers? How does it sound if we can handle it all for you? Anyway, the choice is yours.


  • Meet your financing budget.

I know it’s frustrating when you need $1 million, but the bank only approves $200k. This was what I’ve been through before. They told me I could borrow up to $1 million but it turned out to approve only $200k… What a lie.


  • Financed from the bank.

Not private licensed lenders, not loan sharks. No worries, your life is not in danger, your house is secured. The best part? Reasonable interest for sure.


  • Handle 99% of your situation.

If you follow our advice, getting your bank loans approved is just a timely matter. But don’t waste your time if you are blacklisted or bankrupt.


  • 90% approval rate.

If you follow our advice, you have 90% chances to get your bank loan approved. Even if you’ve been rejected by the bank many times before.

How does it work?

First, you can make an appointment with us for a discussion. We can either meet up or do phone calls. 


From the discussion, we will try to understand your needs. Then we will provide the best advice for you on the financial package and proposals based on your situation. 


It’s your decision to follow or not. 


And the best part? It’s FREE.

Business Meeting

Discussion Stage

After the discussion, we will require you to provide the necessary information and documents.


When you submit your documents to us, we will run a pre-screening process. It normally takes 1 - 2 days. If you pass our pre-screening, it means you have 90% chances to get the loan approved. (Not by applying your own)


But what if you didn’t pass our pre-screening? Then it’ll be a different case. I’ll talk about it later. Keep reading.


Your data and information are 100% confidential and secured. It only stays within us. 


There is no trick like... “Hey, I see you’re waiting for loan approval. Do you need a quick loan? Interest is low. You can just pay us back after your loan is approved.” 


We don’t do this. We are professional financial advisors and we seek long term cooperation.


Pre-Screening Stage

After passing our pre-screening process, we will help you to apply for bank loans from the most suitable banks. Yes. You might not meet every bank’s criteria, that’s why it’s difficult for you to apply on your own. 


Anyway, it normally takes 2 - 14 working days for banks to approve your loan. So you can expect the whole process takes 2 - 4 weeks counting from the day you start the discussion with us. 


Loan Application Stage

Congratulations! Now, the bank has released your loan. Check your bank account. Pay us only after you get your loan. 


Remember, there are NO hidden fees, NO upfront deposits, NO processing fees. You don’t have to pay us a cent before getting your loan. 


So actually you have no risk at all. We bear all the risk. So it’s our best interest to help your bank loan get approved.

Loan Release Stage

What If You Didn't Pass Our

Pre-Screening Process?

No worries, it’s normal. That’s why we are here. 


We have developed our own unique system and the secret to handling any situation. However, I cannot reveal the secret here. I don’t want competitions. 


But if you could follow our advice, I can assure you will pass our pre-screening. But this could take 1 - 6 months. 

Remember, you’re not paying even a cent until you get the loan release to your bank account.

Loan We Got For Our Clients:


You’ll see some of the information is blurred. This is due to confidentiality. We cannot reveal our client’s personal data. As I said just now, all your information stays within us only.


So you could say these testimonials are fake since we are not allowed to provide strong proof. So it’s your choice to trust us or not. 


But remember, we don’t charge until you get your loan released. The risk is on us. So what’s your concern?


In fact, the question is, what makes us believe you’ll pay after you get the loan?

Say “No, Thank you” to the bloodsucking loan shark!

You have a choice now. Borrowing from loan sharks is not your only option. It’s not necessary for you to pay unreasonable interest. 


If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to borrow from banks...


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1. Why couldn’t I apply myself?


You can. But you’re just wasting your time trying different banks. Even if you pass our pre-screening, it doesn’t mean you’ll get approved by applying yourself. It’s simply because your situation might not meet every bank’s criteria.


We have our own unique system for the whole process. So if everyone follows our system, we can guarantee 90% you’ll get approved. And remember, it’s our best interest to help you get approved.


You won’t see this system anywhere else. This is our own secret and will not reveal to anyone. We are not that stupid to create rivalries. 


2. How long does it take?


It depends on you. The faster you provide the necessary information and documents, the faster the process. I don’t know about you, but it normally takes 1 - 4 weeks for our existing clients to get their loan. 


However, if you didn’t pass our pre-screening process, it might take longer. It depends on your situation. It normally takes 1 - 6 months based on our past experience with our clients. But if you follow our advice and act quickly, it will definitely shorten the time needed.


We keep your data secured. We definitely don’t pass your information to other people. So, don’t trust anyone who calls you and offers you a fast loan.


We are professional financial advisors, we only help you to get the loan from banks. We don’t offer any fast loan.  


Absolutely no upfront fees, deposits or hidden costs. We charge after your loan is released.