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About Us

Louis Leong

Our Founder, Louis, is a Chartered Accountant at MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants).

He completed his ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) at 23 and has more than 10 years’ experience in accounting, audit and taxation.

So, when he says he’s observed a worrying phenomenon in the accounting industry, it’s worth paying attention.

CP Leong & Co Founder

What Louis thinks everyone should know:

To cut costs, certain accounting firms—including several big names—hire multiple interns to handle client accounts. Unfortunately, these inexperienced interns cause untold problems.

This practice represents a disturbing trend, with accounting firms adopting a profit-oriented approach that ignores employee job satisfaction and remuneration.

Excessive work pressure and low pay result in an employee mindset that says, “I just want to get rid of this job as fast as I can. The salary isn’t worth the effort.

With a mindset like this, these employees have little incentive to help any company solve its problems.

Moreover, countless modern accounting courses promise people with no basic accounting skills that they can start earning money as freelancers after two to four months of training, which has produced lots of “qualified” freelancers with zero experience.

Some freelancers are irresponsible and unprofessional. One client told us that when asked an urgent question, his freelance accountant said, “Look, I’m really busy right now – you’re not my only client, you know!”

Incapable of solving even simple accounting problems, these interns and freelancers create numerous issues for their unfortunate clients.

Louis believes that these do not sound fair to the company.

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For Louis, accountancy is a true profession, like medicine or the law. Unfortunately, many of its practitioners are only interested in making money, which has led to the current lack of professionalism.

Deeply committed to changing all this, Louis has set up an accounting firm that hires capable employees and teaches them everything they need to know to handle a company’s accounts confidently and, above all, professionally.

Furthermore, Louis has his own way of aligning his employees’ interests with his customers. Employees approach their work as if it were their own business, motivating them to work hard to address their clients’ problems successfully.

Our mission is to provide the best possible service, earning trust through competent decision-making and allowing client companies to focus on business growth.

We can guarantee our clients no unexpected, insurmountable issues during auditing and tax filing. 

Louis wants to be the strategic partner of his client’s company, not only an accountant.

As our company slogan said,

"You Grow The Business, We Cover The Rest "

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