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Accounting Services in Malaysia

We Provide Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in KL, C180, Cheras and Selangor area.

We Help You:

  1. Stay away from troubles with the government bodies ie. Kastam, LHDN, SSM.

  2. Don't have to figure everything out on your own especially when the law and regulations keep updating ie. SST, GST, CA 2016, MPERS.

  3. Save cost from hiring a full-time account staff.

  4. Save tax with our custom-tailored advice.

We provide:

  1. Accounting service. (Do account at our office) 

  2. Accounting outsource. (Do account at your office)

  3. Tax service.

We cover:

  1. Small company accounting (Sdn Bhd) 

  2. Small business accounting (Sole proprietor, partnership, LLP). 

(Annual revenue not exceeding RM 10 million)

Free yourself now from time-draining struggles and frustration by subscribing to our bookkeeping & accounting services at a low cost.

 Accounting and Bookkeeping Services 

 *Risk-Free Guarantee 

Try us for one month, if you don't like our service, you can simply switch to another firm without paying us a cent!

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Trusted Accounting Firm & Reliable Outsourced Accounting Services in KL & Selangor

Introducing The Exclusive MORS Method That Has Helped Over 236 Small and Medium Businesses to Stay Away From Accounting Troubles At Significant Low Cost

Now everyone can have confidence with their account at a price starting as low as RM 297/month  (Most SMEs can't even hire one intern at this price)

So what is MORS Method?

The MORS Method is a unique, can't-find-anywhere-else bookkeeping / accounting preparation process developed by our founder based on his 10 years experience 


We use the MORS Method to handle one's account at a minimal cost without compromising the quality.


And this is why we could charge a significant low monthly fee but still able to provide you with a reliable financial account.

It's the perfect choice for the small company or small business accounting (with annual revenue below RM10 mil) who has a limited budget. 

The MORS Method is what makes our bookkeeping / accounting service superior to other freelancers and traditional accounting firm.

With MORS Method, Here Come The Most Affordable Yet Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting Service In KL & Selangor

Who Is Suitable For Our MORS Method?

  • As the business grows, you feel more and more difficult to do accounting on your own

  • Your account staff is inexperienced, cannot handle your company's financial account and cause your company to get fined after the LHDN field audit.

  • Tax submission delayed due to your inexperienced staff, causing the company to get fined and lose money.

  • Your staff suddenly or often resign, causing your company account going upside down

  • Small company or small business who cannot afford a high pay professional full-time accountant

  • Your outsourced / freelance accountant is not answering your call

  • No one can prepare a good financial report for you on a timely basis when you need it

​If you meet any of the above situations, then you're the best fit for our MORS method. You might want to consider our affordable yet professional accounting services in KL & Selangor TODAY!


What You Can Expect From Our Bookkeeping & Accounting Services?


HR Problem Solved

Our professional bookkeeping & accounting services free you from the worries about hiring inexperienced staff or having a high staff turnover rate that causes a lot of trouble for your business.

Save Cost

The MORS method helps to minimize our costs. That's why our bookkeeping & accounting service is affordable yet professional which can easily cut down your overhead cost up to 25% by reducing hiring costs.

Monitor Performance

Account maintenance runs smoothly with our unique MORS method, which allows you to monitor your business performance more closely.

Set Yourself Free

Our professional bookkeeping & accounting services free you from the accounting burden. We understand how frustrated it is for the constantly changing standard ie. SST, GST, MPERS, CA'2016, etc. Stop seeking answers from various Facebook Groups and Pages, set yourself free now!


  • Personalized SOPs for your financial account - The MORS Method is something flexible and can be personalized based on your business nature. This is why our bookkeeping & accounting service is unique. It helps to make sure your account is tidy and reliable. 

  • Face-to-face meeting for business & financial consulting (Subject to appointment availability and restricted to the business that subscribes to our monthly accounting services in KL & Selangor area)

  • Maximize tax saving with our personalized tax advice.

  • One-stop service - From Company Secretary, Bookkeeping service, Accounting service to Audit, Tax & SST/GST... So you only have to deal with one party to ease communication and process. 

  • Receive monthly accounting documents

    • Statement of financial position (Balance sheet)

    • Statement of profit or loss

    • Statement of cash flows

    • Recommendations for cost-saving (if any)

  • Saving significant staff costs. Graduates nowadays are expecting a starting salary of RM3,000. It costs you RM36,000+ p.a for ONE staff who has NO experience. Besides, there are costs for allowance, bonus, comfortable working space, entertainment and etc. You will expect a significantly lower cost by subscribing to our bookkeeping & accounting services.

  • Get rid of the high employee turnover rate. There is always an initial learning curve for every new staff, and this is the high-risk period where more errors may occur. Worst-case scenario, they resign after you have put so much effort into training.

  • Dealing with SSM & LHDN. If you subscribe to our full service, we will handle all the frustrating problems with the authorities so you can sit back on the sofa and relax.

  • Handling the new law & regulations. GST, SST, PERS, MPERS… Forget about attending endless seminars and yet not sure about whether you are doing it right or wrong. We got you covered.

  • Better than freelance accountants. We heard a lot of clients' horror stories about their freelance accountants. Unreliable, not responsible, bad attitude... While on the other hand, we as an MIA registered accounting firm is able to provide a professional bookkeeping & accounting service at a competitive price thanks to our MORS method. We care about our reputation. That's why we can be your reliable and responsible business partner. 


CP Leong & Co (aka Pro Solve) is a MIA registered accounting firm in KL. With MORS Method, we provide professional and accurate bookkeeping & accounting services in KL & Selangor for small and medium companies. Our portfolio represents our strength but not limited to it. We love the fact that our clients return to us year after year. See how our bookkeeping & accounting services in KL & Selangor have helped our clients, and what we can do for you.

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Air-Cond Service

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Investment Holding

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Oil & Gas

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Construction & Renovation

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and many many more...


Our Recognitions

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in KL / Selangor

happy client who used our accounting services 2

Leong Choon Hang

CS Leong Bina Sdn Bhd

I have used several accounting services in KL in the past. CP Leong & Co has given me the most relief. Their accounting services are affordable yet professional. Not many accountants has a good understanding of my construction businesses. So CP Leong & Co saves me a lot of hectic from LHDN field audits and penalties.

happy client who used our accounting services

Kong Kim Weng

Kim Weng Air Cond Specialist Sdn Bhd

Comparing to many accounting firm in KL, CP Leong & Co really have competitive pricing for their accounting services in KL. They give me an accurate and professional accounts every month at a price much cheaper than hiring a full-time accounting clerk.

happy client who used our accounting services 3

Leong Yet Meng

CS Leong Builder Sdn Bhd

I believe CP Leong & Co provides the best accounting services in KL. Because unlike those I've worked with in the past who didn't bother to answer my call, they always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner.

Let us handle all the hassle for you with our professional bookkeeping & accounting services!

You Grow The Business, We Cover The Rest!

If you want to set yourself free from any accounting problem, then feel free to click the button below and see how our bookkeeping & accounting services can help you.

One-Stop Service Available

Bookkeeping services | Accounting services | Audit | Tax preparation & submission | Company secretary


Before Subscribing to

Our Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in KL / Selangor...


What's this?


Well, if you have an existing financial account, we can go to your office and perform an analysis on your account.


We will give you recommendations on how can you improve your account for better compliance and accuracy without paying a cent!

Just book an appointment and request a FREE analysis and recommendation on your existing financial account!


For a Reliable Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in KL and Selangor.

  1. Stay away from troubles with the government bodies ie. Kastam, LHDN, SSM.

  2. Don't have to figure everything out on your own especially when the law and regulations keep updating ie. SST, GST, CA 2016, MPERS.

  3. Save cost from hiring a full-time account staff.

  4. Save tax with our custom-tailored advice

012-937 8963

F-3A-5, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180,
Cheras, 43200 Selangor, Malaysia

Free yourself now from time-draining struggles and frustration by leveraging our MORS method bookkeeping & accounting services at a low cost.